Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Curriculum Design #ldrchatnz

Join us 9th June 8:30 pm to discuss Curriculum Design! 

The questions we will be exploring! 
Curriculum design 

Q1:  What role does leadership play in curriculum redesign?  #ldrchatnz

Q2:  Who are the stakeholders and what consultation process have you found effective when embarking on designing school curriculum?   #ldrchatnz

Q3:  How do you determine what the priorities are for your curriculum design?  #ldrchatnz

Q4:  How does self review assist curriculum design and  
implementation? #ldrchatnz

Q5:  How can you support your teachers to take a leadership role in curriculum design? #ldrchatnz

Q6:  How can your students take a lead role in curriculum design?  #ldrchatnz

Q7: What are the pitfalls schools should be aware of?  #ldrchatnz

Q8:  Why should you bother redesigning  your curriculum - what are the rewards?  #ldrchatnz

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